Via Garibaldi in Genoa – a Unesco Heritage site

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Genoa via Garibaldi

Genoa is a town that should not be missed on a holiday to Italy. Even if it is increasing the number of visitors, it remains a fascinating Italian city that does not change its authenticity converting its soul and becoming a touristic place. I think, this is one of the reasons that I like this town. We always suggest a trip tp this town with a local insider to have “a taste of Genoa historical town” and appreciate its essence.

Frescoes in Rolli palace - Genoa

Frescoes in Rolli palace – Genoa

Genoa historic center has a labyrinth of narrow alleys which takes you from the most luxurious aristocratic palaces in Via Garibaldi district to little squares which open on amazing medieval churches and old food shops!

This town was one of Italy’s largest maritime republics (together with Venice) that in past times enjoyed enormous power and prestige! I think Petrarca captured its essence already 700 years ago, saying “You will see a royal city, perched into an alpine hill, superb for men and walls, whose very aspect indicates it as Sea Lady: Genoa!…”

Rolli palaces in Via Garibaldi - Genoa

Rolli palaces in Via Garibaldi – Genoa

The elegant street of Via Garibaldi

We always suggest to those coming to Genoa to take a walk in the sumptuous street of Via Garibaldi, which is home of 42 palaces listed in the Unesco Heritage Site! This series of noble buildings in the Renaissance and Baroque styles where built between the 16th and 18th Centuries by the most powerful genoese families. They constitute the first examples of an urban development project in Europe, designed in order to offer hospitality to important guests on visit to Genoa. In fact, they were included in the citizen registers (the rolli, essentially, rolls) and from these rolli, certain residences were chosen as the accommodations for the illustrious guests.

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Today, these magnificent palaces can be visited and, during some special event days, called “rolli days”, even the private ones open their doors to visitors! You will be captured by the elegance of their facades, the rich interior frescoes and great stairways, but also by the internal courtyards and amazing gardens which make these palaces unique places to visit leaving you speechless!

Gardens in Rolli palace in Genoa

Gardens in Rolli palace in Genoa

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