Liguria will never cease to surprise you: not only for the lively and cosmopolitan Genoa or the unique beauty of the unmissable Cinque Terre but also for the picturesque hamlets of the West Riviera, 4 hidden gems in the province of Savona.

Ancient fishing villages where you still breathe the scented breeze of the crystalline sea, fascinating hamlets that save a millenary history that can be read in every stone of the houses and in each pebble of the characteristic alleys and that preserve unique and typical flavors of a territory where the inland meets the sea.

Today we want to make you dream with a virtual journey among the picturesque historical centers of 4 magnificent villages near Finale Ligure (a beautiful comune on the Gulf of Genoa in the Province of Savona): Varigotti, Noli, Finalborgo and Verezzi.

Villages so unique that you cannot do without wanting to admire with your own eyes and we will be happy to guide you and share with you our experience and our passion!


Varigotti Liguria

Varigotti, a destination that you will not forget so easily and that will lead you to wonder how it is possible to be, at any moment, surrounded by a unique oriental atmosphere.

The typical “borgo saracenowelcomes us with its bright colors and squared buildings set on the beach of fine sand, a few steps from the clear sea.

Varigotti, a square in Liguria

A small jewel famous for its peculiarity and the beauty of its beaches including the “Baia dei Saraceni“, one of the largest and most suggestive beaches in Liguria, surrounded by high rock walls and wild nature.

There are also ice cream parlors and restaurants where you can taste typical dishes of Mediterranean cuisine, a cuisine that combines with mastery the flavors of the seafood and the hinterland.


Noli West Riviera Liguria

We enter Noli, we cross the threshold of one of the most interesting historical centers of the West Ligurian Riviera.

Walking through the quiet and typical alleys of the seaside village (one of the most beautiful in Italy), we realize how the towers, with their bold profile and the reddish hue of the bricks, are the most significant emblem of medieval Noli: here the glorious past oozes from every stone and every pebble.

We can observe, in fact, small arches and the remains of historic buildings and houses-towers, built in bricks on large bases of green stone. After crossing the bridge, we reach San Paragorio, one of the most important monuments of the region that was cathedral from 1239 to 1572.

The town has remained one of the few coastal villages to still have fishermen of the place that every night, come out at sea with their small motor boats and return in the morning with the catch of the day.

The village offers the greedy opportunity to enjoy real culinary delicacies prepared with quality ingredients based on local fish, dishes that combine the typical flavors of Liguria with a touch of modernity.

Noli is also beach and sea: with its quiet bay sheltered from the winds that ends with the promontory of Capo Noli, it becomes an oasis of peace in which to enjoy hours of pure relaxation.


Finalborgo West Riviera Liguria

Here is another hidden jewel of West Riviera listed among “i Borghi più belli d’Italia(an association of small Italian towns of historical interest), a treasure trove of art and history close to the sea: Finalborgo, a medieval village in the municipality of Finale Ligure.

Imagine walking through the streets of a historic center that we can define as a “candy box” that perfectly preserves the evidence of a shining fifteenth century (just think of the impressive and elegant buildings and the four gates to the village) and an architectural heritage of immense value.

Finalborgo West Riviera Liguria, hidden gem

We breathe all the charm of a glorious past still alive and present in the ancient walls, medieval fortifications, semicircular towers, in the San Giovanni Castle and in the small streets, alleys, stone houses and decorated doors.

The historic center offers numerous inns, taverns and restaurants where you can stop to taste the typical dishes of our region, including first dishes based on fish and fresh pasta, grilled meat and fish, fried fish mixed with the catch of the day.

And… do you remember Chinotto? Here in Finalborgo you can discover and taste this slow food presidia.


Verezzi West Riviera in Liguria

We end our virtual journey (which we hope will soon become a real experience for you!) with another breathtaking village with oriental charm: Verezzi, where cars are not moving and therefore you can enjoy a very special silence walking without rushing through the stone-paved streets.

Verezzi resembles a natural amphitheater carved into the rock overlooking the expanse of green and blue at its feet, a balcony overlooking the sea and the wonder of the Ligurian coast.

It is said that even the Saracens fell in love with the beauty of this landscape and, therefore, they abandoned the raids and retired to live here: for this reason the houses of Verezzi, despite following a medieval urban structure, are distinguished by their roofs of terrace clear Arab influence.

A village that tells us the charm of history, Orient and stone: in fact, the walls of the houses, the steps in front of the entrances, the picturesque arches connecting neighboring houses, the archivolts, the arcades obtained in the gallery below the houses and the stairs worn down by the centuries are built with stone.

In such a historic treasure trove of architectural and artistic gems there are numerous restaurants and clubs that, overlooking the gulf, offer a spectacular view and the flavors of local cuisine including the exquisite “snails alla verezzina“.

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