In Liguria, there are many secret magic places, hidden between hills and mountains or beyond tiny doors.

This peculiarity is unique, and makes everything special.

The first steps to rich these places are to know someone local that can show you the paths, which will lead you out of the touristic places to a very different world.

Portofino is one of the most famous places in Liguria. In contrast, around the main village, there are many and many hidden spots where to spend some quality time.

Portofino harbour

Camogli and the Focaccia di Recco

In Liguria everybody knows the Focaccia di Recco. It is a special focaccia made with fresh cheese. One of the best focaccia di Recco is made in Camogli at focacceria (bakery) Revello.

Camogli is an ancient village made of colorful and picturesque houses, built by fishermen. In fact, “Ca’mogli” literally means “wife’s house”, which were waiting for their men to come back from the sea.

Camogli view

Revello is a small building fitted between the traditional high houses of Camogli. The space is limited inside the shop, which is why there is often the queue. However, if you are a bit patient it is absolutely worthy to wait. Than you will have the occasion to taste one of the best focaccia di Recco of the Italian Riviera, and the original Camogliesi al Rhum invented by Revello in the 1970.

Right in front of Revello there is Camogli’s beach, a perfect spot where to enjoy your focaccia di Recco, with an amazing view on the promontory of Portofino.

Punta Chiappa

At a stone’s throw from Camogli, there is Punta Chiappa. It is one of the rocky cape of the promontory of Portofino, surrounded by few fishermen houses.

Punta Chiappa is far from cars and streets, reachable only by boat or by following a panoramic path immersed in the Mediterranean nature.

The few inhabitance have always based their life on fishing, which is still an important part of the community, which seems to be stock in another era.

Hidden between the trees there is a very nice and romantic terrace, right on the sea. This place is called Do Spadin. The restaurant is supplied with the best fresh fish from the Paradiso and Tigullio gulfs.

Since the fish is super fresh, the menu changes day by day. So you never know what you are going to eat, but do not worry, it will be good. The restaurant is worthy even just for the view on the gulf and on the lights of the villages on the coast.

An old mill

On the promontory of Portofino, there is an old mill that has been brought back to life by a group of young people from the area.  This place has been transformed in a museum and in a restaurant. The philosophy of the place is “eat well and healthy”.

The typical Mediterranean vegetation characterizes the nature that surround the mill. Between the trees, there are many spots where to enjoy the shadow, especially after a fresh lunch at the restaurant.

This is the perfect place where to relax and let yourself go to the sounds and flavors that the Ligurian nature has to offer.

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Olive oil tasting with the view

Santa Margherita is a small city, famous for the elegant houses that surround the little port. It is a place full of life and little streets, decorated with amazing paintings on the facades of the houses.

This village is surrounded by hills, where people have been cultivating olive trees for ages.

From there, is possible to have a breath taking view on Santa Margherita and on the sea. There is no better way to understand the beauty of the Portofino gulf than from this spots.

Portofino Bay

In the meanwhile of your exploration, you can have the occasion to visit an olive farm owned by a well known Ligurian family. They will open you the doors of their wonderful villa, showing you the secrets of their production, walking in the olive field and tasting some of the best oils of Italy.

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