If you are travellers planning to visit the real Cinque Terre go ahead with reading this post. Here’s a list of things to do that can be useful for you.

1. Relax on the beach when the sun is setting

Take time to enjoy the last bit of sunset on the beach in Cinque Terre. People are gone and you can still feel in the sand the heat of the day. That’s the best time to hear the waves rolling onto the shore and look at the fishing boats preparing for the night.

Sunset in Cinque Terre ph credits luca:sehnsucht

Sunset in Cinque Terre ph credits luca:sehnsucht

2. Visit Cinque Terre off the main roads, out of the way of the crowds

The real Cinque Terre essence is right before your eyes. Do not think you can squeeze in a 8 hour tour all the beauty of these villages. Just take more time. The Cinque Terre is not a place to race around with a list of “sites” and “must do” activities. Relax, breathe, absorb and enjoy. Hike finding new spots and viewpoints, through vineyards and olive groves. Meet local people, search for the real Cinque Terre. You’ll love it!

Cinque Terre

The amazing panoramas in Cinque Terre

3. Eat local dishes

When I travel I love to try all the typical specialties. I think this is another great way to understand the culture of the place visited. When you are in Cinque Terre try fresh local seafood, the local white wines, the Sciacchetrà wine which is great with desserts. Try the famous pesto sauce or the walnut sauce with ravioli or trenette pasta. Do not forget to taste the vegetable pies which are great after a hiking day.

4. Stay in typical accommodations

Cinque Terre are not home to 5 star luxury hotels. Stay in touch with the territory and the local people. I think that’s the best way to understand the spirit of the Cinque Terre. Small structures, owned and managed by passionate people is the best way to live a holiday in this part of Liguria.

Our Special Stay in Cinque Terre

Our Special Stay in Cinque Terre

5. Cinque Terre and Beyond

Cinque Terre are surrounded by wonderful villages which deserve attention too. Take the boat and discover the authentic charme of these romantic villages rich in history which have inspired poets and writers such as Byron and Shelley. The magic atmosphere of Tellaro, Portovenere and Lerici is unique and will leave you speechless.

Lerici village ph credits luca:sehnsucht

Lerici village ph credits luca:sehnsucht

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