Genoese people “genovesi” consume focaccia all day long, from morning for breakfast time until evening and they are never bored with it. Therefore Mario,  owner of the gelateria (gelato shop) “Cremeria delle Erbe” in Genoa historical center had a great and yummy idea…he created a unique flavor of gelato which has as ingredients, focaccia and cappuccino.

Italian Gelato in Genoa Italy

italian gelato

It could sound like an unusual combination, but its flavor is absolutely amazing and has to be tried. Almost genoese, from grandmothers to businessmen, have tasted the gelato of “Cremeria delle Erbe”.

Among the various and delicious classic gelato flavors, Mario proposes also the Basil Gelato. Many people had only enjoyed this fabulous herb in savory dishes like pesto sauce, but the idea of a basil italian ice cream is unique to pass up, so I suggest to you to try it. The flavor is fresh, sweet and spicy at the same time. After a lunch or dinner it is the perfect dessert to end your meal!

Italian gelato in Genoa Italy

Yummy Italian gelato flavors

“Cremeria delle Erbe” is in Piazza delle Erbe, Genoa historical center, near Piazza de Ferrari/Palazzo Ducale.

What about you, Did you ever taste an unusual gelato flavor?

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