Each time I visit Apricale village, I’m always impressed by its structure!

This is the first thing you can notice while you are on the road which brings you to this medieval place. This “rocky village” is perched on the edge of a mountain top, with views towards both the Mediterranean’s bustling waterfront towns to the south and also the Italian Alps to the north.

Apricale Liguria

A spiral. Yes, when you look at the village structure from afar it seems a spiral. I’m always fascinated by it.
But, let’s discover and analyze a little bit more about this very old town which hides in its urban structure a modern bioarchitecture logic.

Apricale name derives from the latin Apricus and it means “exposed to the sun”. In fact, the sinuous cascade of old stone houses which stretch along the ridge of a steep slope are all exposed to the sun. Even the castle name dominating the village, called the Castle of the Lizard, evokes the reptile that much more loves the exposure to the sun.

Apricale medieval village

As premised, I said the structure of the village was built like a spiral.

In fact, all the well preserved narrow alleys connected by beautiful steep stairways and walkways are arranged in concentric circles and this was not done randomly. Apricale urban architecture, in fact, was studied in total accordance with nature and, again, according to the sun rays exposure that you can feel also visiting the village main square, which has always been celebrated by poets and writers and painted by famous artists making Apricale particularly loved and popular.

Apricale alleys Liguria

We can say that Apricale is an unusual ancient example of modern bioarchitecture. While walking among its authentic alleys you can feel the harmony with nature. There’s a sort of “conversation” between the architectural design, the natural material which the houses are made of, nature and the everyday life of residents. It really worth a visit to discover its essence!

Authentic Apricale in Liguria

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