The Italian Riviera has nearly 200 miles of coastline.

It climbs from Ventimiglia in the west, sweeps around Genoa, and finishes just past the Cinque Terre, five famous villages with unique vineyards overlooking the Mediterranean sea.

The Ligurian coast is very easy to reach if you are coming from Milan and it is just about a 30 minute drive from the Langhe and its vineyards.

A great way to explore Liguria beaches is combining them with a holiday in one of the wine regions of north Italy.

It is not easy for us to decide which are the best beaches in Liguria, but after many discussion and opinions of other italian friends, this is our list of the best beaches in Liguria.

Best Beaches in Liguria: where to go

Balzi Rossi

We love the sea here which is a splendid azure. It is perfect for snorkeling. This beautiful beach is just 4 kilometers from Ventimiglia.

By the way, if you decide to go to the balzi rossi remember that the beach is run by a private company and it means that the best parts of the beach need to be paid for.


Relaxing on the white sand of Loano beach is unique.

It is a great place if you want to spend the holiday with your family and children.

There are many bathing establishments offering comfortable services such as renting a “Big sun umbrella”, play area for kids and more.

Varigotti and the Saracen Bay

Coming from Savona, the Beach is actually just before you get to Varigotti town.

This beach is a corner of paradise. It is famous for its cleaness and the purity of the sea waters surrounded by the Mediterranean Vegetation.

Varigotti west riviera liguria

Finale Ligure

Here you can find the longest stretch of coast in Liguria.

Its sandy beach, promenade, gelateria, restaurants and cafes are lovely.

Furthermore, Finale Ligure is also famous for its rock climbing.

The reputation as a rock climbing area is built by many routes and crags in a small area. Finally, another popular activity in this area is the mountain bike.


Bergeggi on the Riviera delle Palme, is a lively seaside town and its beach is especially popular among the younger generations.

Bergeggi has the advantage of amazing crystal waters, which serve as a natural marine reserve protecting the precious ecosystem of the Island of Bergeggi.

Bergeggi Island

The island of Bergeggi, in the past was inhabited by monks, but today it is one of the best places where divers meet to explore the wonderful seabed.

The San Fruttuoso Bay

A beautiful tiny bay that can be reached only by footpath or with the boat.

San Fruttuoso Beach

We are sure that this place, isolated from the rest of the world will charm you.

Paraggi Bay, Portofino

Paraggi is a small, chic and enchanting bay of Portofino.

It is truly a paradise on earth. It is located between Portofino small town and Santa Margherita Ligure.

Paraggi Beach Liguria

The bay is perfectly inserted in the surrounding cliffs and it is ideal for all those who want to combine the relaxing and peaceful atmosphere of this beach and the “dolce vita” life of Portofino.

Sestri Levante (the Bay of Silence and the Bay of Fables)

Situated with the Bay of Fables on one side and the Bay of Silence on the other, Sestri Levante town is an charming narrow stretch of land that worth to be admired.

It is easy to realize why such a place would inspire the imaginations of famous literary figures such as Hans Christian Andersen and Lord Byron.

Sestri Levante beach Liguria

Lord Byron has described Sestri Levante and its beach as a paradise on earth!


In the Province of La Spezia, Lerici is a picturesque resort.

We love the beach here, it is surrounded by pine, oaks and olive trees.

This town and its beaches has been captivating authors since the 18th centuary. Even Mary Shelley spent her time here writing her epic “Frankenstein”.

Cinque Terre

The Best beaches in Cinque Terre are in Vernazza and Monterosso al mare.

Vernazza has a small and unique seaside. It is our favourite place in the Cinque Terre because aside from sunbathing and swimming, Vernazza’s beach is lovely to watch the fishermen in their colorful wooden boats.

Monterosso al mare is the Cinque Terre destination of choice for beach lovers. If you want to spend part at least of your trip sunbathing or swimming in the sea, you should maybe consider making this town your base.

Cinque Terre Beach

Portovenere and the islands

Portovenere bay is one of our favourite spot.

We love its harbor lined with pastel colored houses and its narrow medieval alleys with shops and boutiques. Once in Portovenere, it worth a trip to the small beautiful three islands: Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto.

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