Genoa is characterised by a long tradition of pastry shops called “confetterie”, that comes from a mix between the sugar that was used to arrive in the port of Genoa, and the long tradition of confectionery coming from France.

Now these shops represent some of the pearls of the city worth to be visited for a greedy bite but also for their locations, untouched by time.

While you are walking through the beautiful and antique city centre of Genoa, you might be kept by their amazing windows that shows not only the delicious and colourful delicacies, but also the amazing architectures and furniture of the shops.

They can be extremely rich and precious, or on the opposite, simple and traditional, it depends on which tidbit you are looking for.

And now… the best confectionery shops in Genoa.


It is the most ancient pastry in Genoa. The founder Pietro Romanengo fu Stefano SRL opened the shop in 1780, and since then, the production is always been done with the best regards to the quality and tradition of the products.

Romanengo most ancient pastry in Genoa

If you want immerge yourself in another era, and discover what meant to live in Genoa of the eighteen century, you should not stop yourself to the window of the shop, and have a step in, letting yourself in the magic atmosphere of the place.

Moreover, you can always enrich the experience through tasting the flavours of other times and having a bite of their famous confetti, or candied fruit, or pralines and so on…

But remember that the production follow the seasonality of the products, so month after month, you will find different delicacies most of which are hand-made with km 0 ingredients.

From candied chestnuts in fall, to the amazing petals of violet covered with sugar and the delicious rose syrup in spring, you’ll fall in love with these sweet treats that will charm your buds and your eyes!

Romanengo amazing petals of violet covered with sugar


This pastry shop opened a bit later in comparison to the first one, but it does not mean that is less worthy. In fact, Genoa is thankful for this shop, since it was the first one to make the market of sweets something more achievable and no more an exclusive of the nobles.

Domenico Villa has opened the shop in 1827. At the beginning, it was just a reseller of sweet products, but then the activity started its own production, becoming one of the best pastry in Genova.

The main shop is located in Via Garibaldi, one of the most beautiful streets in the city, and it gives all another taste to the experience. The setup of the windows is always so well done and attractive that is impossible to resist to the temptation of going inside and taste as much as you can of what they have to offer.

So now is up to you decide who is the best between this two masters!

However, remember that Profumo since 2004 opened an ice-cream parlour, one of the best in Genoa, and it absolutely deserves to be tasted!

Of course, as the entire well respected pastry shops in Genoa, the products follow the seasonality of the raw material. For example, this is the season of torte Susanna, Gianduia, St.Honorè, Chiboust with pears and Paris.


Finally yet importantly another ancestor of the Genovese pastry tradition, opened in the first years of the twentieth century by Giacomo Tagliafico.

The passion of this family are the levitated deserts, resulted in the best Pandolce Genovese in Genoa, and in a bunch of other excellences like the Genovese cookies Lagaccio or every kind of cake you can think about: creamy cakes, baked cakes, fruit cakes ad so on.

Never the less, also their pralines, torroni and other sweets of this kind, helped this pastry to be one of the best in the city, and if you will find yourself in the situation to taste some of this delicacy for sure you will found out why!

The shop include a cafeteria area that represent the best location for enjoying your greedy appetizer while savouring the Italian espresso.

Genoa’s old shops

These 3 patisseries represent only a part of Genoa’s old shops, passed down from generations with their centuries old traditions and secrets.

Romanengo shop in Genoa

If you want to ketch the real essence of Genoa, you can’t miss to immerse yourself in the heart of the city and listen to the stories that its traditional shops have to tell.

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