We all know that the Italian Riviera is a fantastic destination for foodies and for those who love sightseeing, art and history.

Whether you are an active traveler or prefer to relax and take it easy, Liguria also offers many activities for you to enjoy in nature, particularly in its amazing parks and beautiful sea.

Let’s have a look at the best outdoor activities in the Italian Riviera.

Cycling and E-Biking

With its sunny climate and scenic backdrop made of gentle hills and the Mediterranean Sea, the Italian Riviera is ideal for biking.

Here you will find many cycling trails with different levels of difficulty.

Cycling and E-Biking Italian Riviera

One of the most panoramic and unforgettable outdoor activities is the Cinque Terre Panorama shared E-Bike tour.

The bike trail here is flat and provides an easy yet striking 3-hour roundtrip. What it makes it so special? It is located off the beaten path next to Cinque Terre, following an old railway and beautiful panoramas along the coast.

Ready for some mountain biking in Portofino?

Put yourself to the test in the local national park, cycling through the lovely hamlets of Santa Margherita Ligure, Camogli and Paraggi until you reach the fancy and most famous fishing village.

Looking for a longer itinerary?

Mix it all up with a 7-day bike tour between Portofino and Cinque Terre! If you think that the trails will be too challenging for you, you can opt for an e-bike instead of a mountain bike.

On the western side of Liguria, the Parco Costiero della Riviera dei Fiori is home to one of the most famous cycleways that connects San Lorenzo al Mare with Ospedaletti, passing through the beautiful town of Sanremo.

There are also some great mountain bike trails in Finale Ligure, known internationally for hosting events like the FinalEnduro (Enduro World Series) and the 24H race.


Walking in the middle of the lush nature and colorful historic villages is one of the best outdoor activities in the Italian Riviera.

Hiking in the Cinque Terre National Park is particularly impressive because of the terraced vineyards and steep trails overlooking the Mediterranean.

Make sure you wear good shoes, pack plenty of water and use sunscreen, since the walk is amazing but can be strenuous (for more tips, read All you need to know about hiking in Cinque Terre).

Another coveted hiking excursion is the one in the Portofino promontory, where you will be wandering between olive groves and dramatic cliffs.

Hiking in the Italian Riviera

But walking tours can introduce you to lesser-known places of the region too.

For example, did you know that there is a wild island that, just like its neighboring Cinque Terre, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

Hiking on Palmaria Island will surprise you thanks to the pristine nature, to the history and legends regarding the surrounding Gulf of Poets, and to the views of the medieval village of Portovenere.

It’s not all about nature in Liguria!

Its capital, Genoa, is also known as “The Vertical City” and is the perfect place for an urban walking tour around its historical funiculars, lifts, narrow alleys, fortresses and stately palazzi.

Kayaking and Sailing

This is a great outdoor activity for you to enjoy in the Italian Riviera: kayaking in Portofino!

Can you imagine yourself at the center of an adventurous yet relaxing kayak excursion in the picturesque Golfo del Tigullio?

You will be able to admire the colorful villages and the uncontaminated coast from a unique perspective.

Kayak Cinque Terre

For a more exclusive outdoor experience you can sail along the Italian Riviera with your private captain!

For a more traditional, yet very special, boat excursion along Cinque Terre, choose the “Leudo”, an old type of boat that was used in the past to transport wine barrels between Liguria and Tuscany.

Sailing also allows you to enjoy a number of other outdoor activities, such as stopping for a swim, snorkeling, diving or just basking in the sun!

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