The aperitif (aperitivo for the italians) is a crucial part of the Italian gastronomic culture, is one of our many rituals, but with something special.

The original Italian aperitivo has 3 musts: good drinks, good light food and an amazing location is absolutely required!

It is well known that a magic atmosphere, enjoyable at every hour of the day, surrounds Cinque Terre and the all Italian Riviera.

However, there are some specific spots where the sunsets seem brighter and the wind fresher, exactly what makes this area the perfect location for some aperitivi.

It is not easy to find the right place, far from the tourist traps, and here we will unveil you 4 of the best places to go for a special aperitivo, between Portofino and Cinque Terre:

Best aperitif in Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre are an amazing complex of 5 fishermen’s villages, made of little streets and colourful houses.

As you may have heard, their unique beauty made them a famous destination; the downside is that they are often very crowded (if you’re planning a trip in the area check these 7 things you have to know).

But don’t let yourself be fooled, because just around the corner there can be hidden and characteristic spots, far from the touristic places, that only a real local can help you to find.

In Riomaggiore, right next to the station, a hidden stair will lead you to a little street where you will find the entrance to the A Piè De Mà that literally means “a step from the sea”, an amazing terrace right on the sea.

While you are drinking a glass of local wine, you can enjoy a great view on the Mediterranean Sea and on the green hills that seems to be diving directly into the water. Furthermore, if you are a wine lover, the menu offers the possibility to do have a degustation of great local wines, paired with some fresh food. It is the perfect place for a quite rest, far from the touristic places.

Manarola Cinque Terre

The Nessun Dorma in Manarola, is an amazing panoramic spot, on the village and on the bay.

Simone is the owner, and the hero that brought back to life this stunning terrace in 2013. Besides the breathtaking view, you will have the occasion to taste two wines that are special productions, only made for the Nessun Dorma, from two wineries in Cinque Terre.

Since Simone is so passionate about wines, in 2018 he inaugurated a wine bar in the quieter part of Manarola, right in the heart of the village. It is the perfect place where to have a nice wine tasting right before dinner, after a day on the sea.

Sara will be there waiting for you, to carry your experience through the typical wine from Cinque Terre and more.

Best aperitif in Setri Levante

Immediately out of the Cinque Terre area, you will find Sestri Levante, for sure a less touristic place, but as well picturesque and full of nice places for aperitivo.

By the way Sestri Levante is the perfect base to visit both Cinque Terre and Portofino as we suggested in this article and is one of the best day trips from Cinque Terre.

In Sestri Levante there is a beach called Baia Del Silenzio (bay of silence). The name of the beach comes from the fact that, thanks to the position of the bay, the sea is always calm, so between a glass of wine and another, you can always enjoy a refreshing swim.

Sestri Levante aperitif

If you are looking for an aperitivo of fresh fish and good wine, right next to the shore there is a place called Ittiturismo Bistromare that can fulfil your desires.

The owner Angelo is a fisherman; every night he puts the nets in the water for the fishes that you will probably find fried or cooked with some lemon, on your nice table on the beach.

To complete the aperitivo we are only missing the drinks, but no worries! The owners have their own production of a unique wine called Eroico, the perfect pairing for the fresh flavours of the sea.

Best aperitif in Portofino

At half an hour by train from Sestri Levante there is Portofino. Even in this famous and glam destination we know a unique spot that will let you enjoy your aperitivo in total relax away from the usual places.

Leave behind the famous VIP’s piazzetta (the small square overlooking the water) and start your discovery of the wild side of Portofino. There is a small road that not everybody knows; if you follow the path, in a half an hour walk through the amazing villas and nature of the promontory, you will find yourself in front of the lighthouse that announce the bay.

Portofino Church

During the night, the light is still working, but during the day, you can enjoy the view on the gulf and on the horizon, with a fresh drink in your hand.

Would you like to find out more secret places and travel to Cinque Terre and the Italian Riviera discovering their most authentic side with a boutique touch?

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