It seems that in the past times the monks perfectly knew how to choose the right place for a monastery!

And the Cervara medieval Abbey is one of these!

It is a jewel located on a cliff above the sea, between Santa Margherita Ligure and Portofino.

Here, the breathtaking view from the Italian gardens is quite impressive as they directly face the sea, looking out onto the promontory of Portofino on one side, and the Gulf of Tigullio on the other.

Visiting this stunning place is an experience throughout time!

This complex has a very long history: it was built in 1361 by the Benedictine monks and dedicated it to San Girolamo.

The monastery soon grew in size and power.

During the centuries it had many famous visitors, such as Francesco Petrarca, the king of France Francis I, and a number of Popes.

Today the complex is privately owned and if you are a history and/or gardening passionate, you can’t miss visiting it!

With our local guides, we can privately experience it or we can organize a relaxing Italian aperitif immersed in the beauty of the “Italian gardens” overlooking the sea.

The “dolce vita” atmosphere is guaranteed.

Gardens of Cervara medieval Abbey

Ms. Betty, the manager of the complex, has welcomed us of BeautifuLiguria to show the location.

We were very enthusiastic!

We also had the chance to see the special bedrooms where guests can stay and experience not common accommodation!

We were very impressed! The beauty of the rooms extends beyond the interior: each room, in fact, faces the magnificent views of the Mediterranean sea or the garden.

Imagine for example to spend a night in the tower suite!

A bedroom once used for the sighting of the Saracens pirates and where the blue of the sea views from the windows leaves you speechless.

This is for sure an experience to be remembered!

Cervara medieval Abbey

So, definitively in our opinion, this is a place not to be missed once you are in Portofino!

Especially if you are a honeymoon couple visiting the Italian Riviera.

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