Dear friends and Liguria lovers, first of all we want to reassure you: Italy is not going to impose Cinque Terre tourist limits in 2016.

What’s happened?

In recent days it has unleashed a kind of media storm caused by an article published by the Italian newspapers and taken up by the most important international newspapers. In the article the president of the Cinque Terre National Park announced the intention to drastically reduce the number of tourists who annually visit this famous fishing villages, starting from spring 2016. To do this, he said that tickets would have been be sold in advance, without explaining concretely how and where, just when the tourist season is starting.
This has caused a wave of panic among those who had already planned their vacation and among tour operators from around the world.
We at BeautifuLiguria received several emails from worried clients too.

What’s the truth?

It was indeed only a proposal which has already been rejected by the Government of Liguria Region and that was contradicted by the media, as you can read in this article published in English by the local newspaper, to reassure  foreign tourists.
It was just an announcement, which rightly focuses the need to find a way to preserve this fragile territory but at the same time draws hasty conclusions, before the best solution to promote sustainable tourism in the Cinque Terre has been evaluated yet.

So, we can say that in 2016 the Cinque Terre will not close the doors!

Right or wrong?

The Cinque Terre are a unique area, five small fishing villages that were once difficult to reach. Five clusters of colorful houses connected by footpaths or, nowadays, by train or by public boat. Due to their uniqueness, over time they have become increasingly popular, becoming one of the most famous destinations in Italy and one of the most popular stops for cruise ships.
Just think that the port of La Spezia, the nearest town, has taken the name of Cinque Terre Port!
Of course this is not an area suitable to mass tourism because, fortunately, neither the natural conformation nor the Italian law allow to build the infrastructures that would serve to accommodate such a large number of visitors.
That’s why we think it is right thinking to a plan to preserve it.
But why to penalize transversely all the tourists eager to visit these unique places that still preserve their untouched beauty? In our opinion, it would be more correct to promote the right kind of tourism for this type of territory. Therefore a responsible tourism, sensitive and caring. A slower tourism that can adapt to the natural rhythms of these places and appreciate their unique characteristics. In a few words a quality tourism and not a mass tourism.

What to do?

Another risk of this media storm is that the Cinque Terre seem a no-go destination, which is definitely not true.

We simply think that you must be able to travel to the Cinque Terre in a different way.

Italy is certainly not a place to take a holiday isolated and out of the world but the important thing is to travel the right way, more curious, more open minded, deeper and beyond the tourist surface.

That’s why it’s important to travel like a local, with a local insider who will introduce you to secret corners, avoiding peak times and the most crowded places; to find the time to meet local people and hear their stories, to appreciate the flavors and the most authentic traditions; to discover the amazing places that are around the Cinque Terre.
That’s why we are here. Welcome to Cinque Terre!
We live in the area and we will keep you updated with the latest news.

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