Cinque Terre

Cinque terre: the five villages

Five small colourful fishing villages carved out of the rocky hillsides above the Mediterranean Sea, these are The Cinque Terre. Connected only by paths, boats or trains these lands haven’t changed their traditional architecture and are as they were in past times.

Cinque Terre don’t need any presentation since they are on everybody’s bucket list and we’ll make you discover their real soul made of sea, vineyards and fishermen. Beside the five famous ones, you’ll find cozy villages, not discovered by tourism yet such as Portovenere, Lerici or Framura where you can experience the Italian slow living.

Cinque Terre are a perfect destination for hikers with their amazing coastal trails overlooking the sea and we’ll make you discover the best ones with panoramic views of the villages from the top and, why not, a gourmet stop.

Wine is the essence of Cinque Terre and we’ll make you meet “heroic” wine producers working with passion in their panoramic vineyards and taste it in tiny cellars carved in the rock.

Another perfect way to live Cinque Terre is from the sea and we’ve selected the best boat tours that will let you enjoy gorgeous views of the villages, in total relax, while sipping an aperitif and swim in the best coves.


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