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Concerns and Hopes of a Family of Fishermen – Liguria

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[nggallery id=7]In past, when I thought about a fisherman’s life, what immediately went to my mind was a hard life, sometimes dangerous and demanding. That was it. Since an evening of last summer, I had the opportunity to meet a family of genoese fishermen. From that moment, I realized there was something more than only a hard occupation, there was also a great passion for this ancient job.

The fishermen gave us appointment in “Genova Prà” harbour. It was a Friday evening. Before embarking on the fishing boat they showed us their numerous little holy pictures, which were important to protect them. Then, we entered their “fishermen club” house.

We spoke about their 200 years old generations of fishermen family. They told us their family is one of the oldest fishermen family in Genoa and the passion for fishing, for living a way of life that keeps them coming back season after season to earn a living from the sea, the excitement of a good catch of fish and the personal satisfaction of a hard day’s work, was passed down through generations till them.

Fishing is in their blood and that’s what they want to do.

Then, going on I realized that there was a vein of sadness in their words. In fact, they told me they were the last generation of fishermen. It was incredible, after 200 years old of family traditions, they were the last people to carry on this job.

They have to face one of the worst economic times, together with the many difficulties of this job. Very few young people want to do this job and these fishermen are worried, because they think if the fishing industry won’t be more attractive for young people, they won’t join it and this ancient job will die.

For this reason, they are trying to take smart decisions to guarantee a future to the fishing industry. They were proud to show me some of their projects and their new ideas. They hope to receive more support from the government.

The opportunity to meet these people has been great. I admire them, because despite their worries, they do not give up and fight for a job, which has been an important part of the italian history. They are working every day, trying to preserve an ancient tradition and to make sure it will be part of our future.

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