At about an hour’s drive from the Cinque Terre, and at just about 20 minutes from Portofino, you can find the tiny picturesque fishing village of Camogli.

This colorful village is an unspoiled version of the Italian coastal towns.  The name means “house of wives”, so-called for the women who ran the place while their husbands went to sea to fish.

Camogli offers plenty of things to do, but today we want to stop on one of the most important things, food! …and especially on focaccia.

Not by chance, in Camogli starts our tasting tour.

With our expert local insider, in fact, we meet the owners of a historical bakery in town, Revello.

This place is a local institution, serving delicious focaccia such as the Camogli version with onion and sage, with cheese, or San Fruttuoso style with anchovies, fresh tomatoes, and olives. But they also serve a local specialty, the Camogliesi: sweet pastries with cream fillings flavored with rum, Amaretto, or Gianduia.

Focaccia in Camogli, Italia Riviera

During our tour, the owners open the doors of their laboratory and reveal to us how they make one of the best focaccia al Formaggio you have ever tasted!

Not enough?

Our tasting tour continues in Santa Margherita Ligure, one of the largest Italian Riviera towns between the popular Cinque Terre and the historical town of Genoa. Because it’s near Portofino and is on the main coastal rail line, Santa Margherita is the gateway to Portofino.

After a walk in the elegant coastal town among painted facades and lush gardens, until the fishermen’s port, we enter a small family-owned street food shop.

This is a food corner paradise where the owners welcome us to taste authentic Ligurian specialties such as the famous pesto sauce and the typical vegetable pies. Among a tasting and another, the expert culinary owners reveal to us many secrets about Ligurian street food specialties!

A taste of Liguria

At the end of the morning, we taste a special gelato, famous among local people: the pinguino!

It is a thin cone of ice-cream (you can choose the flavor) coated with a thin, crunchy layer of dark chocolate!

Pinguino Gelato Italy, near Portofino

We have created this tasting tour because we would like you to discover the authentic places where locals love to go to eat traditional food.

We think that sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish these places from those which maybe look pretty, but are conceived just for tourists.

So, if you are spending some days in the Italian Riviera, and if you are curious to know what are the local specialties worth discovering and taste, you can join our tasting tour or contact us.

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