A labyrinth of narrow medieval alleys which maintain its authentic spirit


Did you know that Genoa’s old town is home to Europe’s largest medieval quarter? 

Criss-crossing through the town’s alleyways is a delight in itself – walking down each narrow street, you can end up popping out next to an imposing medieval church, a noble palace, a charming square, a traditional food shop where you can munch a piece of focaccia or a typical trattoria where you can dine like a prince, trying out the original, famous Genoese pesto sauce!

This is a city where the beauty of Via Garibaldi, an UNESCO World Heritage site, lined with amazing palaces dating back to the 15th century will overwhelm you. But knowing Genoa is also about getting to understand its people and hear their many great stories, experiencing the iridescent lights and the almost vertical itineraries.

A city with many souls, Genoa is medieval, baroque and modern, all at the same time, with an authentic feel to it that has been lost in many other places. It’s impossible not to fall in love with it.