Take the plunge in the most glamourous riviera resort, having your own authentic taste of la dolce vita


Perhaps it is that old worldly charm and the allure of the global jet set that never goes out of fashion that makes it so special. With its enchanting villages, marvellous bays and tiny ports, Portofino’s Gulf is always a much loved and yearned for destination, today just as much as it was in the past.

The “pearls” of the Gulf are many – from Camogli to Santa Margherita Ligure, from San Fruttuoso to Portofino, the tiny village that so beguiled Guy de Maupassant in the 19th century. 

In this part of Liguria, the dolce vita or “sweet life” is to be found by diving into the emerald-coloured waters, experiencing the scent of the Mediterranean scrub during a fantastic hike overlooking the sea, sipping a sunset aperitivo on board a typical traditional vessel, sharing the passion of a local producer who invites you to taste his wine, or by eating dinner in the home of a food writer, after an invitation to immerse yourself in the his culinary traditions.