Liguria in Italy is fast becoming a haven for tourists. Read on to learn how outdoor adventure enthusiasts can enjoy breathtaking scenery on the Italian Riviera.

A small but perfectly formed region of Italy, Liguria offers boundless potential for outdoor types and adventure sports enthusiasts to enjoy hikes, bike rides, nature trails, water sports and horseback riding among some of the most breathtaking scenery to be found anywhere in Europe.

Liguria wine and sea

Liguria, whose picturesque capital is Genoa, snakes down the Italian peninsula from the country’s border with France, taking in towering mountains, pristine bays and picturesque villages along the way.

The natural landscape lends itself perfectly to outdoor pursuits, although those who just want to relax with a glass of fine Italian wine, some delicious local food and marvelous views will be in their element here.

Follow in the footsteps of some of the world’s greatest writers

Tellaro village

Liguria may lack the international fame of Rome or Tuscany, but this scenic region of Italy was a favorite holiday destination for acclaimed writers such as Ernest Hemingway, Percy and Mary Shelley and the Shelleys’ inseparable friend, the poet Lord Byron.

It is not hard to see what drew the writers to this beautiful spot; even the most lethargic of writers would be inspired by the dramatic scenery, with Liguria separated from Piedmont to the north and Tuscany to the south by snow-capped mountains, the lower regions of which are lush with olive, lemon and almond trees.

Discover an unspoiled Italian beauty

Liguria has not yet been spoiled by the type of mass tourism that has blighted so many once-pristine destinations and there are many companies offering responsible travel holidays that ensure the landscape remains as naturally beautiful as ever.

Activity and adventure holidays are also increasingly popular here, with the combination of dense forests, rugged mountains and clear seas making it the ideal terrain for outdoor types.

Where to stay in Liguria

Most visitors to Liguria will opt to stay either in the region’s capital, Genoa, or in one of the many picture-perfect fishing villages and seafront towns that are liberally sprinkled along the coastline.

Those who are here to enjoy activity and adventure holidays will find that Genoa makes a good base for arranging trips into the mountains and there are many companies offering white-knuckle activities such as paragliding and parachuting.

genoa tour liguriaFor those looking to enjoy water sports in Liguria, the coastal towns may be the best place to make your base.

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