Villas and gardens of the West Riviera

Be fascinated by the tropical side of the Riviera visiting villas, gardens and artists' ateliers between Sanremo and Bordighera. Private tour.

Villas and gardens of the West Riviera

This part of the Riviera is famous for its particularly mild climate and for its special light. These two factors have meant that for the last few centuries this has been a favorite place for European nobles to spend the winter months in their sumptuous villas surrounded by magnificent gardens with a tropical touch.

At the same time, the lights have fascinated many painters starting with Monet and the Impressionists. Our itinerary winds through villas, gardens and ateliers to let us savor the unique atmosphere of these places. From Bordighera with Villa Mariani and Villa Garnier, we will continue to the Hanbury gardens and then two of the most sumptuous villas in Sanremo, we will discover wonderful and hidden places.

General information

  • Available all days
  • Minimum 2 guests
  • Duration: 7 hours
  • Meeting point: Sanremo or Bordighera

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