[nggallery id=70]Last week, I had a bad flu, the kind whose cure requires only a good gelato or a granita (flavored iced drink), depending on how sore one’s throat is.

So this Monday I met a friend of mine and went to Cogoleto, a little fishing village on the Italian Riviera, for a good italian ice cream.

Gelato is very popular among italians and tourists and it differs from the american one because the italian one is prepared with milk, eggs, sugar and flavorings. Some fruit flavors are dairy-free (only with fruit and sugar). Look at the definition of Gelato. You know, it is so famous that there are shops which specialize only in producing gelato and are called Gelaterie.

You can order your gelato in a cone (cono in italian), cup (coppa in italian), or in a fresh brioche and eat your gelato while walking along the streets (this is the italian custom).

Personally I love it in a cone, but to take care of me after a bad flu, yesterday I decided to eat a great cup of gelato with pieces of fruits (strawberries, melon, watermelon, peach) …yummy! Here below there’s a picture of the cup of gelato with some of my favorite flavors, Fiordilatte and Nocciola.

Visiting Genoa, I recommend you to stop in the Gelateria “Cremeria delle Erbe” in Piazza delle Erbe or in the Gelateria “Grom” in Via San Lorenzo (near San Lorenzo Cathedral). You can also find the best gelato in town, in Boccadasse or in Nervi at the Gelateria “Chicco”. In these Gelaterie you can enjoy the real italian ice-cream, made with natural ingredients.

Here below I posted some photos of Cogoleto, the little town on the Italian Riviera where I went yesterday to eat the gelato.

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