“I have never seen anything like this Genoa! It is something indescribably beautiful, grandiose, characteristic … I really would not know how to start explaining the impression that all this has had and is continuing to have on me …
To offer you on your birthday what I deem the greatest gift, I promise to take you on a trip to Genoa next spring..”
Richard Wagner wrote to Minna Wagner, back in 1853

Wagner has exactly explained my feelings about this city. Whenever I took my friends to visit this town, the beauty of centuries of history won their hearts.

Genova is a city rich in contrasts and full of history.


Genoa historical center

It worth a visit. It is a real Italian town not touched by the mass tourism.

This city has preserved its real and deep essence. It is full of personality and made of different layers that need to be explored. Those who judge it too quickly are going to miss the many different experiences that this town can offer.

Its people with their great stories are part of this scenery.

Yes, definitely worth a visit! Impossible not to love it.


Genoa view from Castelletto!

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