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Genoa’s Old Shops: a walk back in the time! Part II

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As I promised, I’m back to continue the modern list of the historical places that should not be missed when you visit Genoa’s medieval centre. If you haven’t read the I PART of this post yet, you can do it by clicking on the following link Genoa’s Old Shops: a walk back in the time! Part I

Let’s go on with the Part II…

Antica Bottega “Polleria Anna e Sergio”

Just walking north in Via Macelli di Soziglia, where you can find typical butcher shops, fish shops and greengrocers you arrive in Vico inf. del Fieno and there is located the old chicken shop “Polleria Anne e Sergio”.

Entering the store is like to make a step into the past. The shop is exactly as it was on the day they opened in 1910, with marble desks on which the chickens are exposed and prepared from the owners for the clients needs.

The quality of the food is high and the products are fresh from the farmer.

Antica Bottega “Bottega dello Stoccafisso”

Genoese people love Stoccafisso (Stockfish) and Baccalà (Dried salted cod) and they use them as basic ingredients in many ligurian recipes, as the “Buridda” recipe, a stewed stockfish dish that can be accompanied with a white wine from the Cinque Terre.

You can find stockfish at the famous “Bottega dello Stoccafisso” in Via Macelli di Soziglia. They have a great and good quality variety of stockfish.

It arrives in Genoa from Norway and it is soaked for eight days in the large marble sinks of the store. After this stage the fish is ready and it can be prepared as you like.

Antica Bottega “Panificio Grissineria Claretta”

At the “Panificio Grissineria Claretta”, in Via della Posta Vecchia, you can taste one of the best focaccia of Genova. The shop was opened in 1952 by a family of bakers whose origins are from Turin.

Their secret is preparing their products with high quality ingredients. There you can taste classic focaccia and focaccia with onion (Focaccia con la cipolla) from 7 in the morning to 7 p.m.

So, you can have focaccia for breakfast, like the genoese traditions want (Genoese breakfast style: Focaccia and Cappuccino), for lunch and in the evening with a glass of good wine.

Antica Bottega “Romeo Viganotti”

An old door, in Vicolo dei Castagna, with a hand-lettered wooden plate on which is written “Viganotti” welcomes you in the chocolate World. “Romeo Viganotti”, in fact, is an italian traditional chocolaterie that still run as it once was.

They use the same recipes used by their founder in the early twentieth century. Even the equipment is the orginal one!

I assure you that the scent of sugar and cocoa will capture you soon as you enter the store. You will feel like in the shop of the film “Chocolat” by Lasse Hallstrom.

Antica Bottega “Friggitoria Carega”

If you have visited the Aquarium and you’re searching for a quick lunch of fresh seafood and farinata, you have to stop at the Friggitoria Carega in Via Sottoripa, opposite the Aquarium. It is defined a “Stand Up Trattoria”.

These are some of Genoa’s Old Shops. They are numerous and wandering among the alleys you will be certainly surprised by others. So, visit Genoa’s historical places and let me know what is your favorite Old Shop.

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