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Genoese breakfast style: Focaccia and Cappuccino

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In Genoa, the city where I live, the focaccia is a symbol: it’s a symbol that characterizes genoese people. Genoese have a special liaison with this typical food.

They start eating focaccia already from the morning, when they have breakfast. In fact, they dunk their piece of focaccia, instead of the classic biscuits, in their cup of cappuccino. The taste that comes out from mixing Cappuccino and Focaccia is something special. It’s a genoese style of having breakfast!

If you go around Genoa’s bars to have breakfast, you will notice that nearby the classic briosches there is also the focaccia. There are many varieties of it, such as focaccia with rosemary, olives, sage, onion and more. It’s very difficult for me to choose which one is my favorite, they have different tastes and for this reason I like all of them.

Some genoese love to dunk their focaccia with onion in the cappuccino…but, you know, there’s a legend about the “focaccia with onion” and I believe this story is somewhat funny: it tells us that it was born as a deterrent for unfaithful husbands. In a remote past, Genovese housewives which were married to sailors were used to prepare for their own men this typical Genovese, “focaccia” in the hope to render their breath so unbearable to stand to possible rivals which they could’ve met in any docked harbor. Very funny isn’t it?

If you are planning to visit Genoa, here you can find some Cafè addresses where you can have breakfast like a genoese:

1. Caffè degli Specchi (in the historical centre, in the area Porta Soprana – San Lorenzo)

2. Mentelocale Cafè (Palazzo Ducale)

3. Cafè N°1 (Porta Soprana)

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