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Genoese Pasta “Mandilli de Saea” with Pesto Sauce

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Genoese Pesto sauce is commonly used on trenette or trofie and traditionally also with another kind of genoese pasta, named Mandilli de Saea (Genovese dialect – literally “silk handkerchiefs” – for lasagna).

The Ligurian dialect term for this pasta “mandilli de saea” means in english “silk handkerchiefs”, which emphazies how thin, almost transparent, the pasta must be. The word “mandilli” derives from the arabic “mindil” a reminder of the ancient, tight relationships that linked the shores of the Mediterranean basin.

Ingredients for “Mandilli de Saea” pasta:

Flour, salt, eggs, lukewarm water.


Sift the flour with a pinch of salt and knead long and vigorously with eggs and with a little bit lukewarm water, to increase the yield.

Mix all the ingredients and when the dough is firm and smooth, left it to rest. Then, roll out with a rolling pin into a very thin sheet. Cut the sheet into a 6-inch squares and finally, boil every single sheet briefly in salted water (less then 1 minutes) and serve it with genoese pesto sauce.

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