The first time I met Marco was at the dinner with Le Sciamadde in Genoa historical centre. That evening I had the occasion to talk with him and to know a little bit more about his passion for travelling. I was intrigued by his thought of lifestyle and traveling.

In fact, for Marco and his wife Felicity traveling is a form of education that opens the mind to new cultures and teaches valuable life skills.

They have visited more than 60 countries and since this time Marco came to Genoa, I decided to interview him and to find out more about his impressions of this city.

1. Please tell Beautiful Liguria’s readers who you are and what you do.

We are Marco and Felicity founders of two travel blogs: and We have been travelling the world since 2005, visiting more than 60 countries whilst working remotely from our laptops. Travel is our passion! We love discovering, new places, people and cultures and believe it’s the best form of education. We communicate our experiences through our blogs trying to inspire, encourage and most importantly give our readers the resources and know how, to get out there and see this wonderful world we live in.

2. For those who don’t know about your blog, describe it.

In both our travel blogs we try to inspire people to live a life of freedom, travel and adventure; with the content and resources on the blogs we try to inform people about destinations, experiences that can’t be found in guide books. The articles are written by us and other travellers giving real recommendations, opinions, recounting travel and adventure experiences.

3. You came to Liguria with an educational blogger tour. Tell us a about this project.

The object of this project was to promote the quality of Liguria: we spent two days experiencing the best of Genoa, including food, culture and architecture. The aim of the project was to promote the city to other travellers who aren’t familiar with Genova and Liguria as a travel destination.

The #Q4T project has been a great success: we (bloggers) had an amazing experience in Genoa, we learnt a lot about the city, its people and its culture.

4. What has impressed you most about Genova and the local people?

Genova is an amazing city and one to be discovered, down every lane and as you turn each corner, beautiful historical palaces, piazza’s, traditional restaurants await you. The local people’s warmth and hospitality was the biggest surprise to me: at first you think they are a little reserved, but this disappears quickly and you are welcomed into their world with open arms.

5. If someone asked you why they should visit Liguria, what would you tell them?

Too many reasons to describe in one sentence, but in short, I would recommend Genova for its cuisine, friendship and welcoming nature of the local people, beautiful buildings and relaxed atmosphere.

Beautiful Liguria thanks Marco for this interview and wishes him and Felicity the very best!

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