If you plan a travel to Cinque Terre, you probably know that hiking is one of the best ways to enjoy this gorgeous territory made just of mountains and sea.

Cinque Terre Vineyards. The viticultre is heroic [ph. argyrios gerentes]

Cinque Terre Vineyards. The viticultre is heroic [ph. argyrios gerentes]

Everybody should make at least a short hiking to enjoy the spectacular views of the vineyards and the villages but hiking on the trails of Cinque Terre means going up and down and, above all, a lot of steps.

Cinque Terre trails

The famous stair of Monasteroli in Cinque Terre

  • Occasional hikers

If you are not trained, don’t worry, you can choose a short trail, just to reach a beautiful panoramic place: for example you can walk till the monastery in Monterosso or walk on the ring trail around Manarola village that will make you walk among the vineyards and enjoy amazing views of the village. Take a look to this special Cinque Terre trip we have designed for you.

Monterosso Cinque Terre Capuchin Monastery

Walk till the the Capuchin Monastery in Monterosso

In any case remember to walk comfortable shoes, and choose the right time of the day: early morning or sunset are ideal especially in summer.

  • Expert hikers

If you are a trained walker this will be a memorable experience and, being local, we want to suggest you 4 ways to make your hiking in Cinque Terre a luxury, exclusive experience:

  • Hike with an expert environmental guide:

the guide knows the trail like the back of his hand and will make you discover secret places, out of the beaten path, ensuring you the best result for your effort. You will admire incredible panoramas and learn about rocks and trees, follow us.

Cinque Terre Panoramic Trails

Cinque Terre evironmental guides will make you hike less crowded trails

  • Taste local wine on a terraced vineyard with a breathtaking view:

your effort deserves a reward and you will have the best one when you’ll reach the vineyards of a local producer, perched on the mountains overlooking the sea. Listening to the story of passion and hard work from local people will make you appreciate even more the precious local wine. That’s something exclusive and authentic, very different from tasting wine in one of the many tourist shops in the villages.

Cinque Terre vineyards

Wine tasting with view in Cinque Terre.

  • Add a gourmet touch:

the pic-nic during your hiking experience can be a gourmet experience too. Our trusted local chef will prepare for you a special, high quality pic-nic. You will have the possibility to taste local recipes such as vegetable pies or focaccia with aromatic herbs made with local ingredients. Come and taste!

traditional vegetable pies from Liguria

Enjoy traditional vegetable pies during your hiking

  • Rest in the right place:

we believe that accommodation shouldn’t be just a place to sleep but a place where to meet, talk, relax and complete the experience of a place. There aren’t many places like this in Cinque Terre but we are here to help you to find the best place to make your hiking vacation in Cinque Terre a luxury one.

Charmind accommodation in Cinque Terre

Country and sea in a charming accommodation in Cinque Terre