From mastering the art of shipbuilding, to being the protagonist of important seafaring expeditions – Liguria is famous for its seamanship.

But few know about one of its most beautiful historic ships, the leudo.

Leudo historical boat Liguria

The leudo is an ancient merchant boat that was used to transport goods across the Mediterranean, particularly wine barrels between Liguria, Corsica, Sardinia and Tuscany. 

This stunning wooden boat was characterized by its Lateen sail, and was built mainly on the Italian Riviera between the end of the XVII and the XIX century.

Only 9 leudi (plural of leudo) still navigate the Mediterranean Sea today…

Can you imagine yourself sailing along the Italian Riviera on board of this historic ship? At BeautifuLiguria, we are happy to reveal that you can! 

This is a truly unusual and authentic boat experience. Why? 

Slow Travel

The leudo sails slowly, allowing you to admire the glorious coast of the Italian Riviera from the sea.

While Liguria’s seaside villages are beautiful when seen from the street, the perspective from the leudo is unique.

Soak in the landscapes and history that surround you… the infinite blue sea, the green lush vegetation, the colorful hamlets with their charming harbors and ancient forts.

During the leudo trip, you can also stop in selected villages to explore them on foot. An expert guide is there to take you to the hidden corners and guarantee a 100% Slow Travel experience.

Heritage tourism

By booking a tour on a historic ship like the leudo, you help the territory’s heritage to be preserved.

In fact, the leudo was carefully restored with a lot of passion by locals from La Spezia.

They also established an association that aims at safeguarding the Italian Riviera’s historical heritage of wooden shipbuilding. 

A gourmet touch on board

Here is one small, yet important detail: the captain of the leudo also happens to be an experienced chef!

So, in addition to sharing with you his passion for the boat and the territory, he will also prepare a delicious light lunch for you to taste typical dishes such as focaccia ligure and rice or vegetable pie.

Dinner on board Italian riviera

Toast to the unique experience with some local vermentino wine!

Off the beaten path

The leudo departs from La Spezia, in the heart of the Gulf of Poets, which is ideal for a boat trip because the bay is sheltered from winds and usually has calm waters.

From La Spezia, you can opt to sail towards Lerici and Tellaro, 2 gorgeous villages on the eastern part of the bay.

The captain will explain how Lerici bewitched countless artists and poets, and tell you about the local legend according to which an octopus saved Tellaro from a pirate incursion. 

Leudo and Tellaro Liguria

Another option is to sail towards the western part of the Gulf of Poets, to reach the medieval hamlet of Portovenere and the islands of Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto.

Once you reach this destination, you will understand why it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and why Lord Byron’s beloved Portovenere is known as “the sixth land”.

There is so much beauty, nature and history for you take in around here! If you love hiking, make sure to combine your boat trip with an excursion on the wild Palmaria Island for an unusual and original experience.

The Cinque Terre are a short sail away from Portovenere, and the leudo can take you there too!

You can combine the sightseeing of the famous five villages with activities off the beaten path, for example by visiting the literary park dedicated to Eugenio Montale.

The Literature Nobel Prize Winner loved the Cinque Terre, and the time he spent there shaped him as a writer and artist.

This is the perfect experience for you to get inspired on and off board!

Historical boat tour Liguria

If you want more choices, contact us: we will be happy to propose additional ideas for your leudo trip in Liguria.

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