Let’s face a real fact: for some travelers, Cinque Terre are a destination to cross off their list.

They pretend to understand the essence of this part of Liguria in an 8-hour tour and we feel a bit sorry for them.

We know that they do not have much time at disposal and want to get the highlights of Italy in a short time dedicating to the Cinque Terre just a day.

But please, trust us, we would recommend to stop at least 2 nights in this unspoiled part of Liguria!

The authentic Cinque Terre is just there, beyond all the confusion of all the tourists that can’t let you really see.

Take your time to visit this destination and get off the main touristic tracks to get its real soul!

Cinque Terre landscape, one of the beautiful villages

What you should do in Cinque Terre

Do day hikes through the many paths of the Cinque Terre protected national park.

You’ll breathe pure air and you’ll not see big yachts docked like in other beautiful by touristy destinations.

You’ll swim in crystalline clear waters and walk in the villages, as they are restricted only to pedestrians.

Go slow in this area, the Cinque Terre are not an all-inclusive one resort destination.

They are 5 romantic colored villages protected by Unesco which need time and full attention.

We suggest to stop for an aperitivo on the terrace with local people; take the boat to admire the villages from a different perspective and enjoy the sunset from the top of a village.

Also, remember that the Cinque Terre are surrounded by other villages, like Portovenere and Levanto, which are picturesque and beautiful as the five ones. Take time to visit them, they are gorgeous.

Portovenere view, near Cinque Terre

Suggested 2 nights itinerary to Cinque Terre

This is one of our designed 3 days/2 nights itinerary “A taste of Cinque Terre” thought for those who have not much time at disposal, but don’t want to miss an authentic taste of the stunning scenery this destination offers.

During those days our insiders take you to explore the Cinque Terre villages, taste its cuisine, meet local people and taste the rare sciacchetrà wine relaxing in a not conventional accommodation managed by local people

We know you can’t see it all and do it all in 2 nights, but this is what we usually would suggest doing and see to a friend which has never seen the Cinque Terre. Then, If you have extra days, it’s better!

With just one more day you can discover amazing villages such as Portovenere or combine Cinque Terre with a Dolce Vita day in Portofino.

If you love to travel slow and want to go deeper, why not extend your trip to the charming and authentic town of Genoa or dedicate some days to hiking in Cinque Terre with a gourmet touch?

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