On the Hills of Manarola, since 1980, every year an enormous crèche of lights appears from 8 of December till 2 of February.

Mario Andreoli gave birth to this idea after he defeated a mysterious disease. He decided to build every year this spectacular construction as a present to God and to his faith. In this construction 7 km of electric cables and almost 7000 lights are being used.

Manarola and the luminous nativity scene

Last year almost ten thousand people assisted and admired this amazing construction. Nowadays this is an international event and tourists from all over the World are coming to glorify his work.

In the extraordinary context of Via Garibaldi, the magnificent Renaissance and Baroque Strada Nuova (lit., “New Street”) which was granted the status of UNESCO World Heritage Site, you can find an original museum route connecting three important Genoese palaces to one another: Palazzo Rosso, Palazzo Bianco and Palazzo Doria Tursi.

liguria creche palazzo rosso

In Palazzo Rosso, you can visit the christmas crib of the eighteenth century composed of figures of the 18th centuries. The tradition says that most of the figures were created by Anton Maria Maragliano (Genova 1664-1739), one of the most famous exponent of the late Baroque wooden sculptors in Liguria.

The Creche of Pentema is an important and unforgettable construction for those who once visited it in their life. Pentema is a small village in Trebbia Valley in back of Genoa hills.

lliguria pentema creche

The crèche of Pentema is a holy representation that every year is suggested with new arrangements. Characters are constructed in full size with epochal dresses and are reproduced as they were in normal life during their everyday activity. The historic period that is represented is the 19th century.

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