A labyrinth of row houses, alleyways, scenic islands views, a charming harbour, breathtaking cliffs and a majestic castle. Visiting Lerici in this warm days of November is such magic. Now I can understand why many writers have been inspired by this small village and the nearby Cinque Terre. It is said that Mary Shelley has been inspired for Frankenstein by visiting the Castle of Lerici!

Observing this little seaside village overlooking the Mediterranean sea what I immediately notice is a sort of harmony between nature and people. Starting from the morning, when I went to take a cappuccino in one of tha bars of the piazzetta, till the afternoon visit to the hilltop Lerici Castle, everything seems to go slowly, people seems do not care the passing of the time and they are not stressed by the clock.

You may take a walk along the promenade enjoying the sea view and then find yourself sitting and chatting with people while the sun is setting on the horizon.

Even Fellini once said that “La Dolce Vita” was difficult to find in Rome, but in Lerici village, the “sweetness of doing nothing” was in the air.

Such true words. Lerici is such unique!

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