When I think about Liguria countryside, the first image which comes to my mind are the olive trees which paint the winter ligurian hinterland with a changing shade of silver. It’s really a fairy-tale-like picture.

Then, during the Autumn days, I love walking through the hills colored with the orange and white of the nets placed under the trees to catch the fruits without damaging them. Olive oil producers welcome you to let you taste their olive oil (in some cases you can see their large granite millstones at work which slowly grind up the olives) and the typical trattorias or agriturismo sprinkled in the medieval villages are a great welcome for those who are searching for the genuine Italian flavors, the ones who make you remember your grandma’s cuisine! Tasting a dish of trenette pasta with pesto sauce, vegetable pies, pansoti or coniglio alla ligure, local cheeses accompanied with jams and honey is a must which worth really a visit to the western part of Liguria!

Ligurian olive oil - the olive trees [ph. credits by pay no mind]

Ligurian olive oil – the olive trees [ph. credits by pay no mind]

Ligurian olive oil: few words

The olive oil in Liguria has a history going back to the 14th century. Legend says that the “taggiasca olive trees” were cultivated by the Benedictine monks and were brought to Liguria by them.

When you taste the ligurian olive oil, you’ll notice it has a fruity taste, sweeter towards the west and slightly spicy towards the east. It is an ideal accompaniment to the traditional ligurian and Italian food. But, you need to know that the taggiasca olive oil was not used only in food, but also in beauty such as for purifying face masks, cream for the hands, soaps, also for medicinal applicants such as healing burns or to polish bronze, so for household products! Really a versatile product!

Ligurian rabbit recipe with taggiasca olives!

Ligurian rabbit recipe with taggiasca olives!

Liguria has many routes dedicated to the olive oil: a trip is a must!

From the Imperia hinterland to the Province of Savona, there are many routes dedicated to this ancient gold elixir. What I always suggest as a local is not to stop just to the beautiful Cinque Terre area, but also to discover this amazing and untouched corner of Liguria meeting its people, the artisans and local olive oil producers who enrich you with their family stories and who’s hospitality is lovely!

Ligurian olive trees - taking walks and meeting olive oil producers

Ligurian olive trees – taking walks and meeting olive oil producers

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