Liguria’s secret five

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If you are looking for hidden Italy, Liguria is a perfect destination for you.
Far from the crowds of the most famous cities, but at the same time easy to reach from Milan, Pisa and Florence, it is a region where you still can find authentic Italian lifestyle.
Probably you know Cinque Terre, the five beautiful quaint villages on the east side of Liguria and they are surely a not to miss destination, but there’ much more in Liguria, the Italian Riviera.
As a local, today I want to reveal you five hidden gems that you should add to your travel bucket list for your holidays in Italy. I’ll start this trip very close to Cinque Terre and I’ll bring you to discover the west Riviera, till the French border.


Tellaro village in Liguria

Tellaro is an amazing village next to Cinque Terre (ph. credits Glauco Giulio Rovere Flickr)

The first hidden gem in Liguria if you travel from Florence to Cinque Terre is the small village of Tellaro. A handful of houses clustered around a tiny harbor and a church built on the rocks. Tellaro is so close to the sea that the legend says that a large octopus has sounded the church bells to warn the inhabitants of the arrival of pirates. This is the perfect place to enjoy the sunset while sipping a drink sitting at one of the small bars of the port. Check out this itinerary if you want to add Tellaro to your list of places to visit in Italy.


Camogli beach

Camogli fishing village and its pebbles beach

Camogli is on the other side of the promontory of Portofino, and if you get there by boat, you’ll see a row of tall colorful houses. They say that the village was built this way to be immediately visible from the sailors who were born there and there had left their homes. The name Camogli actually means wives’ houses. Enjoy the beautiful pebble beach and do not forget to taste the traditional focaccia. You shouldn’t miss Camogli if you trevel to Portofino and Cinque Terre! Get ispired here.



Finalborgo is one of the fortified medieval villages on the west side of Liguria

Finalborgo is ranked among the most beautiful villages in Italy. It is not on the sea but will amaze you with its extraordinary authenticity. The village is completely enclosed by walls and still retains its medieval structure, dominated by massive fortifications and the castle. I suggest you to wander aimlessly through the alleys between ancient palaces, boutiques and charming restaurants. Take a look to “Hamlet and tastes of the Italian Riviera” to discover an amazing tour on the west side of Liguria.



Magic summer nights in Liguria: the International Chamber Music Festival in Cervo

And here we are in the west Riviera. Cervo is a pyramid of houses hanging to the magnificent baroque church. Here there is a special atmosphere, especially in summer when the village hosts the International Chamber Music Festival that every year takes place in the scenic, little square in front of the church with a panoramic view of the whole coast line. If you want to know better this less known side of Liguria, you can read our journey from the French border to Genoa.



Apricale, in the western Liguria, has an untouched medieval structure

And now we go to discover the beautiful inland of Liguria. Amongst mountains and olive groves, the village of Apricale retains its medieval structure with the houses spirally arranged on the sides of the hill. Stone houses and narrow streets to be explored and charming typical restaurants where to taste local, simple recipes based on extra virgin olive oil and aromatic herbs. And don’t miss to taste the local Rossese wine! Check out this itinerary if you want to take a step back in the past and explore the perched medieval villages hidden in the Liguria hinterland.