I left Genova a few weeks ago and I have been missing it ever since … like I always do when I leave it. It is a city that quietly slips under my skin and when I leave, I feel it deeply.

I lived all over the South Island of New Zealand before flying off to the northern hemisphere in 2003. Back there, I lived in some of the world’s more beautiful places when it comes to natural scenery. I arrived on the northern side of the world and spent 2 years of living in Istanbul, another city that can slip under the skin of the unwary. It is also a city where the Genovesi made their homes, in those days when it was known as Constantinople.

I moved to Antwerp and discovered another city with close ties to Genova. One of their most famous sons, Peter Paul Rubens, the 17th century painter, had much to do with the Genova, as did so many other Flemish painters.

However, despite lives in these other places, it is Genova that makes me homesick.
Today I would like to be wandering there. I would call in for supplies at the shop in photograph below. It’s down on Via Macelli di Soziglia where the butcher, the Bio shop, and Le Gramole Olioteca are so conveniently close to each. All are shops that would keep my cupboards so well-stocked with good food.

Via Macelli di Soziglia is a street that begs to be explored. Sometimes I wonder if it’s not one of the best-kept secrets in the city. Find it next time you’re there. You won’t regret it.

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