Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno

[nggallery id=1036]Wandering through the “Carrugi” alleys is a unique experience and I believe that by just walking through these maze of historical streets, you’ll find the “real” Genoa’s essence. Discover the largest medieval old town in Europe: walking along the medieval alleyways “carrugi”, stopping in the squares and in the renaissance streets of the historical town. Together with our genoese tour guide you will discover  the most famous monuments of the town as the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, Via Garibaldi and more!

The same day you’ll discover with our tour guide the Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno. It owes its popularity and historic value not only to the fame of the great personalities who rest there but, above all, to its many sculptural and architectural monuments. Among those buried there is the Italian patriot and politician G. Mazzini, the genoese singer F. de Andre, and Oscar Wilde’s wife.

A brief tour rich of history to be added to your “places to see” list!

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