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Pesto Sauce and Pasta – Perfetto!

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I’m sure that many of you have tasted pasta with pesto sauce, but how many of you know how genoese people usually love to eat their pasta al pesto?

As a genoese of adoption (now it’s about 20 years that I live in Genova, Liguria) I can say that we love to serve pasta al pesto combined together with potatoes and green beans. A mix of ingredients which perfectly combine together! Worth to try it!

Pasta with Genoese Pesto Sauce Recipe


    • potatoes
    • green beans
    • home made pesto sauce
    • pasta (I prefer trenette or linguine)
    • parmigiano cheese


Wash the potatoes and cut them into small pieces. Then, wash the green beans, remove the ends, and chop them into 2 pieces.

Pasta Pesto

Place water in a large pot, salt and bring to boil. Now, add the potatoes and the green beans to the pot and cook them for about 5 minutes.

Finally, add the pasta to the same pot and cook until pasta is “al dente”. Drain the trenette, potatoes and green beans and place in a large bowl.

Pasta pesto

Add pesto sauce and mix everything to combine. Serve immediately, topped with grated parmigiano cheese!

Simple, but great! Try it with your family or friends. This dish is the quintessential type of Italian cooking!

Pasta pesto

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