[nggallery id=30]An Italian Agriturismo is a combination of the words for “agriculture” and “tourism” in Italian. Take a holiday in an Agriturismo is a different style of vacationing and it’s suitable for the whole family.

An agriturismo, is a working farms with accommodations and restaurants, where everything grown and raised on the farm are served to guests. Some Agriturismi allow the guest to  participate in the activities surrounding the farm. Despite the rural nature of the lodging, one might expect a rustic experience, but many agriturismi are very romantic or luxurious accommodation.

Tasting a tomato that has just been picked from the orchad, having breakfast with fresh fruit from the farm, cheeses and sausages, various breads, cakes, jam, cereals, etc.. in my opinion is the better way to experience rural life in Italy and soak in some local culture and eat and drink like a real italian.

During last spring, I’ve stayed a weekend in an agriturismo on the Italian Riviera to re-tunes body and mind and take a break from work. I’ve been in contact with the rural life and nature and eaten products which were in peak season and harvested close to the agriturismo. The flavor of the products was great, farming naturally without pesticides or chemicals.

There’s a saying in italian that sums up my idea of experiencing  an italian agricultural holiday and it is “Dolce Farniente”, the Sweetness of Doing Nothing. In fact, it’s the perfect spot to get back to nature and to help the tongue remember waht real food is supposed to taste like.

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