[nggallery id=72]The contact amongst the hill, the sea and the great number of inlets, makes unique the Arenzano’s coast and that’s why yesterday I got up early in the morning and went to this little village. I decided to relax before starting to work, I put on a pair of pants and a t-shirt, I took my photocamera and went to Arenzano for jogging.

There is nothing better than walk or run along the Riviera coast before starting to work. The scent and tranquility of the sea gives me the right energy to start the day.

About Arenzano’s town

Arenzano is a village of colourful houses, like the type that can be found only on the Italian Riviera and it is just near Genoa city (about 35 minutes by train). It is a very nice fishing town where you can walk along the old “caruggi” alleys and find lovely craft shops or typical restaurants, bars, gelaterie, hotels.

During the summer the beaches are full of colourful umbrellas and bars with music. In the square often are organized little concerts, markets, festivals and every August takes place the beautiful fireworks.

What I find particularly fascinating about this town is the Parco Negrotto Cambiaso, a lovely park built around the Villa Negrotto Cambiaso. Today Villa Negrotto Cambiaso is the home of Arenzano’s Town Hall, but Onces it was a great residences where genoese aristocrats spent their leisure time. In the centre of the park you can see a Liberty style iron and glass greenhouse. If you like animals, you’ll surely be gladdened peacocks, geese, turtles, swans.

The city is alive all year round, it is fascinating in all seasons and modern sports facilities are always open to go horseback riding, sail, play tennis, golf or scuba diving.

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