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Risotto with Artichokes and Mushrooms

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Last week I’ ve bought some artichokes and dried porcini mushrooms in Genoa Food Market Mercato Orientale and this is what came out! Hope you enjoy.


400 gr of rice,
4 artcihokes,
20 gr of dried porcini mushrooms (reconstitute them with some warm water),
half onion (finely chopped),
a bunch of parsely (cleaned and chopped),
a glass of white wine,
greated parmigiano cheese,
vegetable broth.


Prepare the artichokes by removing the outer leaves, cutting the stems and the thorns. Secondly, cut the artichokes into thin slices and place them, for afew minutes, in some water with a lemon (cut the lemon into 4 parts).

Heat some butter in a large frypan and gently add the onion chopped, stirring continuosly, just until softened, 3 to 4 minutes.

Then, add the artichokes sliced into little pieces and the dried porcini mushrooms, previously chopped. Cook them for about 5 minutes and then, add the rice and toast it for a minute or two. Then, add a glass of white wine, stir everything using a wooden spoon and let the wine evaporate.

Then, pour in enough vegetables broth to cover the rice completely and continue to cook, stirring often, until all the vegetables broth is absorbed (remember to cook on low heat). Keep adding the vegetables broth and stir and cook until the rice is cooked. Some minutes before it is cooked add some parsely.

Before serving, stir in the Parmigiano cheese and some butter to give the risotto a nice, creamy finish.

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