If you know that your ancestors are Italian, how much do you know about your heritage?

Millions and millions of Italians migrated around the world (and particularly to the USA) between the 1880s and after World War II.

Each migrant that left Italy also left a family behind, and each of those families has a story to tell.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to uncover your heritage by searching for your family roots in Italy?

If your family history is tied to Liguria, perhaps we at BeautifuLiguria can be of help!

Once you have some information about your family roots, you might want to plan a trip to Liguria.

This is the best way to trace your ancestry or to at least understand and embrace your heritage.

Why? Because being in Liguria in person will help you feel connected to your roots.

For example, the trip could provide you with some precious background and a better understanding of where your ancestors lived, worked and what led them to leave Italy and migrate abroad.

Genoa old port

Did you know that Liguria’s capital – Genoa – is home to a historical port of departures of the big transoceanic migrations?

It’s no surprise that the International Centre for Studies on Italian Emigration (CISEI) was created precisely in Genoa.

CISEI’s main objectives are to preserve the value of memory on Italian emigration, and to create a national archive of Italy’s historical emigration.

It has an amazing database containing information on millions of Italian migrants. If you are researching an ancestor, try entering his or her details on www.ciseionline.it: you can obtain the date and place of departure/destination, information on their journey by sea and accompanying family members.

If you are lucky, you can also read a short description of their migration experience!

Another amazing resource that you can find in Genoa if you are searching for your family roots in Liguria, is the Galata – Museo del Mare.

This maritime museum is the largest of its kind in the Mediterranean area. The museum is located in the Porto Antico (ancient port) in the Darsena district, where galleys were built during the Republic of Genoa.

Here you can find the Memory and Migration section (MEM). It covers an area of 1200 square meters, with more than 40 multimedia stations that tell the story of how migrations have left – and are still leaving – their mark on Italian society.

Last but not least, Genoa will be inaugurating the Museum of Italian Emigration (MEI) in 2022.

A Genoa document for immigration

This building will provide a fascinating immersive and interactive experience that pays homage to Genoa’s strong link to emigration since the times of the crusades.

And its location is simply beautiful and inspiring! In fact, the museum is set in the Commenda di Prè, an iconic hospital-hostel commissioned in 1180 by the Cavalieri Gerosolomitani (Knights of St. John of Jerusalem).

As you can see, Genoa is a great starting point if you are looking for your family roots in Liguria.

It’s also an amazing city for you to visit. It features a charming historical center, authentic food shops, the legendary basil and pesto, and its ‘vertical’ layout makes it an interesting hiking city.

Would you like to know more? Click here to discover the reasons for visiting Genoa.

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