Broad beans, salami cut in thin slices and sardo fresco cheese: the most simple recipe of the world, but it is very popular in Italy and Liguria. It’s not right to define it as a recipe, but during spring time and summer picnic in the countryside it is the best way to enjoy the food traditions with friends and family.

In Genoa, people like to taste beans and sardo fresco cheese with the famous salami of Sant’ Olcese (read more on A special day trip in Sant’ Olcese village) and every year, they attend the “Sagra delle Fave e Salame in Sant’Olcese village” (sagra is a local fair which celebrates the typical products of the earth).

So, It’s a fact that when the people of Genova talk about salami, they mean that of Sant’Olcese and Orero. A very typical product, produced with a clever mixture of only beef which is carefully selected and represents the sector’s real exclusivity. Flavored with various ingredients and matured, it has a unique flavor and very pleasant to the palate. It is best eaten in spring with fresh broad beans , the so-called “bazane” and fresh sheep cheese.

The recipe of the “Genoese Salami of Sant’Olcese” has been handed down for centuries from the farmers of the area and It’s said that they have learnt the meat preservation techniques from the ancient Romans. Nowadays, only some shops of old origin are allowed to produce this breed of salami.

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