Warm yellow and orange tones set my mood for this evening.

I’m going home after a long working day, but I decide to find time for a little stop along the Riviera. The sunset is particular this evening. I park my car on the Aurelia road and walk through the narrow alleys down to the small fishing village.

Sunset in Tellaro Liguria

I’m in Tellaro, the last village of the eastern shore of the Gulf of Poets perched on a rocky peninsula sloping down to the sea.

It’s late afternoon and the sun is setting into the Ligurian Sea. The 16th century stone walls of San Giorgio church comes alive with orange coloured frames that I take with my camera. I’m sitting on the shore and get lost in the range of stunning colours displayed by the sunset this evening.

Sunset Tellaro Liguria

Despite the charming and romantic village has recently been awarded “Borghi più belli d’Italia” listing it among the 100 most beautiful villages in Italy, it is a gem off the beaten path and has remained very peaceful.

Tellaro Liguria

The magic atmosphere reflected in the sky by the sunset this evening is such, that it leaves an energy print so deep in the soul. I feel like the authentic atmosphere of this old village has been part of the charm.

Sunset Church Tellaro

I’m just happy. Being able to dedicate 10 mintues to admire this show, was worth it. I should do this more often.


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