There is a corner of Liguria known around the world not only for the beauty of its coast, but above all for its Dolce Vita.

Portofino is synonymous with luxury and elegance. Around its little square, where so many celebrities every year come on their yachts, there are high-end designer boutiques and elegant restaurants.

But Portofino is not just this. Portofino comes from a small fishing village and beyond its little square you can still find its wildest side where nature is the great protagonist.

Portofino Village Liguria

Eco and sustainable tourism in Mount Portofino Natural Park

Mount Portofino Natural Regional Park offers unique landscapes in the world and a great wealth of flora and fauna.

On this promontory there are over 80 km of paths and tracks, a real paradise for all hiking lovers.

In the last few years, several eco and sustainable tourism projects have been developed to discover the beauty of the marine protected area and the Portofino promontory in an eco-compatible way.

There are hiking trails suitable for everyone, from the most trained ones to those who simply love a relaxing and regenerating walk in close contact with nature. A dense network of trails and country roads overlooking the sea that pass through lush vegetation, meeting ancient mills and crushers and providing a scenery of extraordinary beauty.

Sustainable crops in Mount Portofino Natural Park

Sustainable Crops in Portofino

Among the breathtaking views of Portofino Mount, some abandoned lands have been recovered to bring them back to their original crops. Olive groves and vineyards have been replanted in the traditional Ligurian terraces.

The terraces, which in Liguria are also called fasce, are typical of this region and have been created to make these hills overlooking the sea cultivable and they are bounded by dry stone walls.

In addition to the traditional crops of olive trees and vines, some hives have been placed on these lands, in the same spot where those of the Benedictine monks, who lived here until 1400, were located. Mainly, heather and arbutus honey is produced, typical plants of this area, with propolis and pollen.

A big bet has also been made by planting a new crop that nobody had ever tried before on this territory: the hop to produce the craft beer of Portofino. For the time being the hop growing is still limited and Portofino beer can be drunk and bought only on the spot.

Experiences in Portofino Natural Park

Pesto Cooking Class

There are many experiences that can be made to get back to nature in Portofino Natural Park in addition to explore the many trails on foot or by mountain bike.

On these terraces in the green with the sea in front, you can visit an eco-farm and you can take part in a pesto class in which you can learn to prepare the delicious Ligurian sauce with mortar and pestle and, right after, taste it on the bread bruschetta in an elegant picnic on the grass.

You can also practice yoga on the meadows at sunset facing the sea to relax and recharge or simply enjoy a dinner with eco-sustainable products in an ancient mill.

And finally, you can taste Ligurian wine (Pigato, Vermentino and Bianchetta) in the vineyard overlooking the sea together with local products: what could be better?

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