The Caruggi, Genoa

By May 23, 2012 No Comments

Genova … aka La Superba, is giving me so much pleasure in these days of wandering the streets with my camera.

The morning light down in the heart of the caruggi, the ancient narrow alleyways of the city, has been so good these last two days. And there was photographic ‘treasure‘ to be found everywhere.

And then it’s about the people too. I stopped at my favourite cafe, Caffe Degli Specchi, for coffee, then wandered on.

The light, the light! … this photographer may have muttered, quietly joyfilled.

Then, just to add to a kind of surreal heightening of the senses, I heard a huge number of children singing. I followed the sound and discovered some kind of mixed-age choir performing on the steps of the San Lorenzo cathedral.

There’s always more to write of, here in this complicated city, but here is one of today’s photographs. Taken on via Canetto il Lungo, I caught morning shoppers at one of the vegetable shops, and couldn’t resist …

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