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The Devoutness of The Christ-Bearers

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[nggallery id=11]Since its origin the Church has singled out in the iconography of the cross the sign of salvation that Christ offered to people and nowadays processions as the penitential and devotional practice of carrying a big cross on the shoulders is a way to present to the world that great sacrifice and love Christ has redeemed people with.

If you visit Italy and Liguria you could run into one of these processions. Just in Genoa province they take place from May till November and there are about 180 Confraternities that partecipate actively.

Carrying the Crucifix during the procession is considered a great privilege, it represents a mix of faith and lay prestige. For the church the crucifix bearer shows the sacred image to people and in this way he carries out the meritorious deed of evangelization.

Before the procession, the Christs are kept in the sagrestias or exposed in the churches. For the procession, these crucifixes are decorated with the “canti”, holiday gilt decorations. The crucifixes with all these decorations can achieve the weight of about a quintal each. So the Christ-bearers have to carry it in perfect balance. Their only enemy becomes the wind, that can make the carrying more difficult and harder!

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