The “Lanterna” is the symbol of Genoa and of genoese people. For many years it was closed to the public, but after a restructuring, it has been reopened.

Perhaps, sometimes it is not inserted in a tourist visit, but its presence is always there, you can see it from many corner of the city. It can be seen coming from the sea with the boat, or from the Old Port, from Spianata Castelletto, from the Peralto Park – Righi and even from Portofino, because the beam of its light is projected for more than 50 kilometres.

The Lanterna was built in 1543 and it is 117 metres above sea level. At its base there is the museum (in which you can discover lamps, lenses, and objects relevant to lighthouses and sea signalling methods) and the area around it is a city park which is open to the public.

Many tuorists can climb 172 steps, reach the first terrace and enjoy the breathtaking view of the port and the old city. The Lighthouse can be reached on foot following The “Lighthouse Promenade”. This walk was built skirting the walls and from it you can see Genoa’ s harbour and its activities.

The lighthouse was damaged several times during the wars and you know, inside it, was born a child: Janus (Ciprus King’s son). But it was not only man who destroyed it during the wars, in fact, the Lanterna was often struck by lightnings.

So, if you are interested in seeing genoeses’ soul, don’t miss the Lanterna.

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