If you are planning your Italian holidays and want to visit Genoa’s medieval center (one of the the largest in Europe), please accept my advice!

Bring with you a pair of comfortable shoes, you will be grateful you did it. Now, I come with the explanation of why you should wear a pair of walking shoes:

Genoa is the largest historical center in Europe

Genoa’s historical center is characterized by a kind of paving. This last is named, “Carrugi” meaning narrow stepped lanes which are zigzagging the heart of the town and are paved with, “ciottoli” (in English would be cobblestones). You could walk one of these lanes by starting from the bottom of the town and end up popping out at the top of it close to a beautiful church, or even into an unique Genoa’s square).

Carugi Genoa

Now, here I come to the point. If you wear tennis shoes you will not have problems, but if you were wearing a pair of fancy shoes (for example the kind with the high heels), then in all probability they’ll get caught in between the “ciottoli” spaces that are waiting for you to not pay much attention to them because of your admiring of the ancient monuments.

Genoa Italy

Genoa historical center in Italy

That happened to me so many times because I wasn’t wearing comfortable shoes for the occasion, and moreover I wasn’t paying much attention to the bottom of the road.

Anyway, I do love Genoa’s medieval streets and their criss-crossing throughout this ancient city. And because of the Carrugi unique peculiarities, even when you are sure you are getting to some place you could easily get lost in some of them.

Genoa Italy. shops.

Genoa medieval center

I do believe that by just walking through these maze of medieval streets, you’ll find the real Genoa’s essence… but don’t forget to wear a pair of comfortable tennis shoes when you do!

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