Hi everybody, today I would like to introduce to you the following post written by a travel friend, Gabriele. He writes about excursions here in Liguria on his blog and he’d like to share with us his experience along the path on the Natural Park of Portofino. Enjoy his following article!

The excursion along the path on the Natural Park of Portofino is quite long. It is a path that everyone can do, even though the last part is long and steep at times. The excursion that I’m going to tell you is one of the last that I made, because I had to stop for a period due to a health problem to the thyroid.

I started by catching the train to Camogli from the town in which I live, Pieve Ligure. About fifteen minutes later, I arrived at the train station of Camogli and there I asked for the direction of the bowling club. The bowling club is actually a local bar for members and it is on the road going towards the hills. The path that brings to Portofino Kulm is just in front of the bowling club and there begins the first part of this path. It winds along a narrow alley.

Ending this first part, there’ s a flight of steps that brings to a square, from which you can enjoy the wonderful view of the sea and of the town of Camogli! I assure you it is breathtaking!

At this point, there’s a street that has to be crossed (the intersection Camogli – La Spezia – San Rocco) and it gets to the “crosa” (that is a narrow alley) from which can be seen the church steeple. Not far from the church there’s an indication on the wall that says “San Fruttuoso Portofino“. I love this part of the route, because following the indication you arrive to a point from which can be admired a unique panorma.

The landscape’s view is breathtaking. You can see the inlets of the Ligurian Appennines, but also the little bays of the Levante Ligure. Then, on the way there are different areas with benches, tables and little fountains where anyone can sit and relax.

Continuing on the trail, you get to a place called Pietre Strette, that translated is “Narrow Stones”.

Then, the last part is a descent that brings you in the woods. There I stopped to admire the beautiful retreats, the little few houses, the lovely gardens and the olive trees. After crossing the woods, I arrived in the small town of Portofino. The day was almost over, it was evening and I had the fortune to admire the sunset and the characteristic shape of the Portfino harbour.

It was an extraordinary experience and I recommend it if you want to visit Liguria!

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