If you are wondering how to entertain yourself in Liguria, well, you have plenty of choices.

The region offers delicious food and wine; is dotted with picturesque villages and traditional shops; and its nature is perfect for panoramic hikes and boat rides.

Here is a quick guide of the top things to do in Liguria.

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Needless to say, food is entertaining always and everywhere.

Genoa offers great street food and lovely markets where you can meet local producers. Here you can visit the basil greenhouses and join a pesto and handmade pasta cooking lesson in a wonderful historic palazzo.

When visiting the hamlets of the Western Riviera, you can learn about the Slow Food cultivation of the chinotto citrus fruit, used to make one of Italy’s most famous non-alcoholic beverages.

The Eastern Riviera offers fine oysters and mussels, unique anchovies and sweet lemons, among many other fresh products. And what about all the types of pasta and sauces that this region has to offer? Discover more on why Liguria is the perfect destination for foodies.

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Despite the challenging steep and rocky territory, Liguria has been producing wine since Etruscan and Roman times!

The best places where to admire the ancient practice of heroic viticulture are the villages of Cinque Terre. Here, you can explore the panoramic trails and combine the hike with an authentic wine experience, meeting the winegrowers and tasting their rare local wine kept in traditional cellars carved in rock.

Liguria has a number of wines with the DOC label for you to taste.

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Nature and Sports

Liguria’s nature guarantees not only great fresh food and quality wines, but also amazing trails for eco-tourism.

The hiking paths around Cinque Terre and Portofino are amongst the best in Italy, and give you access to the best view points on the Italian Riviera, spanning from the breath-taking rugged coastline to the colourful fishing villages.

Nature is the perfect setting for sports such as kayaking and biking.

Another fantastic way to explore Liguria is to sail on a private boat, an experience that allows you to admire the coastline and nature from a different and exclusive point of view.

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Locals are very proud of their traditions and heritage.

When visiting Liguria, you can also “go local” by choosing authentic experiences off the beaten path.

Examples? In the small town of Chiavari, you can meet the owner of a medieval palace. She will show you the historical curiosities of the property and accompany you around town. In Chiavari’s lively market you will find all the ingredients that you need for the cooking class in the noble palace later on… a rare experience!

And here is an interesting activity for those who like crafts: you can visit ancient workshops where artisans will welcome you and share their family history while working on their handmade creations.

liguria shopping


Last but not least, Liguria is a great destination for shopping.

Portofino is one of Italy’s most renowned places for luxury shopping. And what a setting: luxe boutiques are lined along the picturesque square and on the dock along the bay.

For a more traditional approach, make sure to visit Genoa’s old shops (botteghe storiche), they will take you back in time!

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