[nggallery id=73]This last Sunday I was in Camogli, a small fishing village situated between Portofino Mountain and the Ligurian Sea. If you’re looking for the ancient atmosphere of a maritime village, Camogli is the best place to visit. You will find authentic natural spectacles, amalgamating with centuries of tradition and respect for the environment.

That day I wandered through the town’s alleys and made a list of things to do in this little corner of paradise for anyone interested in knowing better this small Ligurian village.

So, let’s begin…

Walk along the promenade “Passeggiata” of Camogli admiring the row of colourful houses and little characteristic shops. When you look at the houses notice that shutters, decorations and sometimes windows are simply painted on the walls. They are painted with great skill, with shadows and planned perspective. There are even some people at windows or painted cats on windowsills. Taking a walk in this splendid Ligurian town is just what you need after tanning on the beach in a sunny day.

Have a freshly fried fritto misto dish with a glass of white wine is the loveliest thing you can have on the beach at Sunday lunchtime. On the promenade there are fantastic restaurants overlooking the sea that serve typical local dishes.

Taste a special pastry, called ‘Camogliesi’, little chocolate balls filled with rhum custard cream or have a stop in an ice cream shop for a gelato…yummy!

Get carried away by the smell of focaccia and have a stop in a focacceria “bakery” to taste this typical ligurian food. In the following link you will find the recipe “Focaccia with tomatoes”.

If you feel like you need to work off all those calories :-), there is a trekking path you can take on which leads to S. Fruttuoso, do not miss it. “The Fascinating path from San Rocco di Camogli to San Fruttuoso”.

If you are lucky enough to be near Camogli on the second Sunday of May, you should visit the ‘Sagra del Pesce’, “Camogli’s fish festival”.

Visit the Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta. The church built in 1200 stands above a stony beach and it was beautifully decorated with art and gold left by many of the town’s seamen when they died. Right next to it, you’ll find an old castle, castel Dragone built as a defence against Pirates. Today it houses a small aquarium.

Have a stop at the Mariner’s Museum If you’d like to learn about the history of Camogli. Entering th museum you will read this sentence:

“Non vi meravigliate se questo piccolo borgo marinaro, sospeso tra balze coperte di ulivi e il mare, riuscì ad armare una flotta di 2900 velieri, la migliore del modo, solo con i propri mezzi, senza sovvenzioni, con la propria intelligenza e lavoro”

Do not be surprised if this little fishing village managed to arm a fleet of 2900 sailing ships, the best fleet in the world, only by its own means, without subsidies, but only with its intelligence and hard work”
If you have the opportunity to be in Camogli on the First Sunday in August, don ‘t miss the procession of boats in honour of Stella Maris (the star of the Sea).

Relax on the beach, swimming or scuba diving.

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