I want to introduce you the 2° part of my “Tour of Genoa – from Via Garibaldi to the paradise lift”. There are so many places to see in this city and I want to tell them to you, little by little. Just to give you a “taste” of what there is in my city have a look at this video that I found surfing in Internet:

Genoa 3 minutes

Tour of Genoa

If you want to see the most beautiful street in the world, go to Via Garibaldi (Strada Nuova) in Genoa (1785 Charles Dupoty).

Strada Nuova is so beautiful that, P.P. Rubens decided to withdraw it so he could show it across Europe! Today this road, with its late Renaissance and baroque buildings, has been acknowledge as Patrimony of Unesco.

Brief History

Via Garibaldi in genoa

The construction of the buildings began in 1550, when the most powerful noble families of that time chose to move their residences there, calling on some of the most influential architects and artist of that timeto carry out their design and construction. From 1576 these buildings were written in an official list (Rolli) and chosen to host visitors of the State. The owners of these palaces were obliged to host visitors as cardianls, princes, viceroys, ambassadors, etc.. due to contribute to the dissemination of knowledge of an architectural model and a residential culture which attracted artists like P. P. Rubens.

Today they are homes of offices, banks, auction houses. Palazzo Tursi hosts Genoa Municipality and Palazzo Bianco and Rosso house the civic picture galleries, full of italian and flemish masterpieces.

I love this street and for that one evening of last week we decided to walk through it and I can assure you that everytime it’s breathtaking!Then at the end of this walk, we went in Spianata Castelletto (a part of Genoa area with a romantic view) to admire the whole city and the harbour. We arrived there taking the “Paradise lift”. This lift is 100 years old! the station is built in Art Nouveau style and from the windows you can see the bright lights of the city.

Paradise lift in genoa

Genova from the top

I’m at the end of the 2° part, but don’t change channel, I’ll be back soon with the 3rd part!

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